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tv   [untitled]    April 4, 2013 9:30pm-10:00pm PDT

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on the sources who is donating and the recommendations of the uses and the fund would sunset again with a recommendation in 2016 so we have no objections to the budget analyst's recommendations and mr. ryder and ms. smiewmer are here if there are questions on the types activities we are will be engaged in. >> thank you very much. any questions? at this point we would like to go to the budget analyst report. >> mr. chairman, supervisor avalos as was indicated the city anticipating the fundraising will result about 1 million to $3 million for the city hall centennial and for the
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expenditure of any goods or cash above this and waves this requirement. we also note on page six of our report that the proposed ordinance does not include the reporting of the city hall expenditures. it requires the reporting of the contributions but not of the expenditures that the contributions would result in and finally there is no sunset date in establishing this special fund, so our recommendations are the bottom on page 16 that we recommend that you recommend the proposed ordinance to recommend board of supervisors approval by resolution and accept gifts exceeding $100,000 and we made that amount based on the fact that the board of supervisors and the expenditure -- acceptance of expenditure of grants is $100,000 so that's the basis of our $100,000. we also recommend that you include and
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require expenditure reporting in the february first annual report to the board of supervisors and we recommend that you include a sunset date of june 30, 2016 and our recommendation is to approve this legislation as amended. >> okay. thank you very much. any questions? okay. seeing none i would like to open it up for public comment. any members of the public that would like to comment on item one? okay. seeing none public comment is closed. again i want to thank mr. barns being here and the others as well and for the budget analyst report. i would like to make a motion to accept the amendments. we can do that without opposition and approve this ordinance as amended and we can do that without opposition. mr. clerk will you call item two. >> item two is authorization for the department of the environment to accept a grant in the amount of $6,500,000 from
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the california department of. >> >> >> and we have. >> >> >> beof the environment we are here to seek your approval of this resolution which would provide the department with $229,000 from the california department of resources in recycleel for the program and the primary objectives are to make easy and convenient free used motor oil recycling in san francisco and mostly for do it yourselfers and abandoned filters and used oil on the streets and work creatively with collection sites. i have my
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colleague here to talk about the outreach. it is a program that this department has done and i will ask cynthia to share about the outreach. >> good morning. the grant that we are considering today would primarily -- the funds would primarily focus on district 10 and recruiting certified used motor oil collection centers and increase recycling and grass root outreach to the do it yourselfers and those mechanics so we would like to recruit additional sites and have public events in district district 7, 10 and 11 and in those areas and
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we do plan to in fact a campaign to promote a decreased oil change frequency by busting the 3,000-mile myth through grass-roots outreach and we also want to work with motorcyclists on their changing and recycling and also on the waterfront we plan to focus on san francisco marina yacht harbor reaching out to the boaters through the program and the abandoned oil left at the waterfront and educate the voters on the famous free home collection. they have access to that program and we will continue to increase our partnerships with neighboring counties that also receive this grant and i am here to answer any questions if you have any. >> supervisor avalos. >> just one question that is about the 3,000-mile myth. could you elaborate please? i
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have an idea. >> well, the state who grants the funds does a lot of research and they are s have come up with a campaign. they don't call it the 3,000-mile myth and that might be offensive to grandfathers who taught you when and how to change the number but it's to educate the population you might not need to change your motor oil as often as you think so some don't necessarily read the owner's manual. some do but it will indicate the frequency of the oil change. primarily for autos manufactured after the year 2000. 5,000, 7,000, 10,000, and 15,000 miles and it's saves time and helps the environment.
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>> is there a list of places that is readily available where people can actually get their oil recycled. >> 33 centers in san francisco including three sites along the waterfront and permanent hazardous waste collection facility. the rest are retail sites partnerships. >> is there a list on the department of environment website? >> oh sure. >> okay. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> so we don't have a budget analyst report for item two. so i would like to open it up for public comment. seeing none public comment is closed. >> motion to approve. >> we have a motion and recommendation to send forward. we can do that without opposition. mr. clerk will you call item three. >> item three with the internal revenue code and tax-exempt
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obligation obligation by the state wide authority and not to exceed 6.5 million and finance facilities owned by the french american international school. >> thank you and we have someone from supervisor breed's office to present the item. >> hello. i am the legislative aid on supervisor breed and i am here to speak on her behalf for the tax-exempt obligation obligation for the french american international school. i don't think it's a secret here in san francisco there is a long history of long cultural partner between san francisco and france. paris is a sister city of ours and the school is emblem mattic of this change. they moved over from berkeley i believe in 1997 or 98, and since then located here on oak just steps away from city hall.
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they partnered with chinese american international school as well showing they have been an active community participant especially reaching out to other cultures and expressing deep roots and bringing diversity to san francisco. this new location is in the heart of district five and particular concern for us because it's a location over on pave street for a number of years now has been a blight on the neighborhood. the san francisco unified school district has granted the ownership of the building to french american international school and we believe this is an opportunity for french american international school to move forward with the community and continue to grow in san francisco. part of what we discuss on numerous occasions with french american international school is this blossoming partnership. this is
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part of their mou, their memorandum of understanding, which is calling for community use of the facility and access and affordability and traffic and calming measures in the neighborhood. first and foremost of importance to supervisor breed as community use for the facility. we hope to see this as a model based on the urban school close to this location. this will -- they have been a great success and a model and i know that the administrative staff over at french american has been speaking and working with the urban school to implement some of their same models so we really see this as a great boone for our district and also a chance to create a system more accessible to low income residents and students in the district five, so with that supervisor breed hopes for your approval of this resolution and
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the tax-exempt obligation ordinance of 6.5 million dollars. >> thank you very much. any questions? >> we have anthony from the department of public finance. >> good morning members of the committee. i the item before you for the tax code of the tax financing obligations for the school as supervisor breed's representative has described. our office held duly noticed hearing to receive public comment and none was received, and there is no fiscal impact to the city and the city is not a party to the transaction, so the item -- the resolution approves for purpose of the tax code the public hearing and the facilitation of the finances on that basis. >> okay. perfect. any other
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questions? i know that we have some people i believe from the french american school here. you're welcome to speak if you want. i don't think we have any questions per se but you're welcome to take the opportunity. >> thank you. my name is aaron lef veen and the chief officer at the french american school. i want to thank you for the resolution and we will make proves to a vacant and unused property and believe it will be improvements. >> i am here from the school and hoping that you support the resolution. >> thank you very much. seeing no further questions. we don't have a budget analyst report for
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item three either so at this time we will open it up for public comment. if there are members of the public that wish to comment please step forward. mr. paulson. >> thank you budget and finance. we shall my budget bill we are things that need school as well. i love you. i love your budget. we need you. i guess you know by now we will get to you some budget how. until that time we will be doing swell budget bell. i see when your budget when the coal wind blows and the sweet songs about the city dough. have you seen the budget? tell me have you seen it? have you seen the budget? tell me have you seen it? why oh why does the budget leave and go away?
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oh i have been used to having budget to lean on and we need some at this budget home at the city hall dome. you have seen the budget money? and we surely need it for the school now, and the budget needs it. >> thank you mr. paulson. anybody else wish to comment on item three? seeing none public comment is closed. can we have a motion to move this forward with recommendation. >> so moved. >> we can do so out opposition. mr. clerk will you please call item four. >> item four ordinance authorizing the payment of $250,000 to doe one for supplying information leading to the arrest and conviction of the perpetrator that murdered willie allen. >> okay. thank you. and we have our mayor's damage .
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>-- budget director. >> good afternoon. the item is for authorization to doe one for providing information leading to the prosecution ultimately guilty plea of the perpetrator of the murder of willie allen. in 2006 mr. allen was murdered. as of 2008 his murderer was still unknown. at that time in 2008 mayor newsom approved awards up to $250,000 for this case and along with additional 15 murder cases. the police department and the da both affirm that the individual who we're requesting receive this award came forward recently and provided information for the arrest of the suspect responsible for the murder and testified in the prosecution in the case and lead to the suspect's ultimate plea and we are supporting this award by
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the da office. generally of awards of this type the administrative code allows the mayor to authorize the award up to $100,000 and most cases by the mayor and notified to the public and this is a large award. in order to do an an award greater than $100,000 and confirm the payment to the individual and why it's before you today. there is no general fund impact to making the award and it will be paid through the police department through their existing budget. i am happy to answer any questions that you have. >> thank you. any questions? >> i have a question. do you know how many awards for other cases are out right now and we
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are expecting more payments like this in the future? >> at this level there are 15 other cases that mayor newsom authorized in 2008, so that's the sort of maximum potential impact. you know this case -- this murder happened in 2006. the reward was authorized in 2008. this is the only one where the reward is being requested by any individual. >> and then the money comes out of the police department's budget and it seems like it's -- is there -- do we a lot money each budget cycle for up to the 15 or now 14 cases that this might lead to more payments? i am just wondering. >> it's an excellent question supervisor. the police department's budget has a line
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item in it for claims and judgments which is where this reward is paid from and it's a place where other claims, judgments and rewards have been paid in the past. we do not budget the full amount of the rewards that are outstanding. those are handled on a case by case basis. we make an assessment of what the potential risk and budget accordingly. >> and is there a time where the rewards sunset or do they go on forever if somebody comes forward 20 or 50 years from now? >> also a very good question. the way i understand it is that rewards -- on -- once offered if there is no sunset date they go on forever. >> thank you. >> any other questions? thank you ms. howard. appreciate it.
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again no budget analyst report so we will open it up for public comment. mr. paulson. >> we're reaching out with an award in search of you. we're going to search until the day is through, oh, oh, oh. don't be so bad. don't be so mean and the budget reward is not very lean. we're going to search for you. we're reaching out. we're in search for you. i always see like somebody's watching me, and i have a reward on you. i always feel like somebody's following me, and when will we see you again? when will we find and get a reward? will we have to wait forever? and we
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will search and search forever. when will we see you again? >> thank you. any other members of the public wish to comment on item four? seeing none public comment is closed. colleagues can we move that with recommendation. mr. clerk please call item five. >> item five authorizing the international terminal and terminal 3 newsstands cafe lease for host international, inc. for city and county of san francisco and a 10 year term with minimum guarantee of $733,176. >> thank you and we have kathy whiner here from the san francisco airport. >> good morning chair farrell members of the committee. kathy wagner with the san francisco airport. we are looking for a new 10 year lease for host international, inc. for three
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news stands and one cafe locations. they total space is listed and three of the four proposed retail locations are located in the international terminal and they are currently operational. the fourth space is in terminal three and not available to the tenant until construction in that terminal is complete. we anticipate that work to be done in january of 2014. although the tenant will have access to their space a couple months prior to that. the 10 year lease term will commence once that final space is available to the tenant to do business. the proposed lease is the result of a competitive process with four proposals being submitted and host receiving the highest points of those that responded to the
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rfp. until that fourth location is operational host will pay the airport a prorated mag amount for rent . the full mag rent of $733,000 is in place once all four locations are open and host will pay the proposed mag or a percentage of gross revenue whichever is greater. the budget analyst recommends approval and i am happy to answer any questions you have. >> colleagues any questions? seeing none thank you very much ms. wagger. to the budget analyst report. >> mr. chairman and members as we report on the first year's revenue host would pay the percentage rent in the lease and exceeds the minimum lease of $733,176 and that is shown in
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table five of page 11 of the report. we recommend that you approve this legislation. >> thank you mr. rose. colleagues any questions of the budget analyst growing report of the airport's lease? all right. seeing none we will open up to public comment. mr. paulson. >> did you pay your city dues? did you read the news when the paper landed in your front yard? city i'll be there to shake your hand and i will be there to share all of the airport land when you approve this item. shake your city hand and share the airport land. shake your hand and share the airport land. >> thank you mr. paulson. any other members of the public
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wish to comment on item five? seeing none public comment is closed. colleagues can we move this forward with recommendation. >> yes. >> and without opposition. mr. clerk do we have any other items. >> that completes the budget and finance sub-committee jnd. >> thank you. we are adjourned thank you everyone for being here. i'm with the neighborhood development corporation. it is my pleasure to be able to greet you and welcome you to the grand
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opening of kelly's community. as i was walking in here someone said this is over-the-top. while the name maybe on the title, this is really not owned by cnbc, this is a community access. we are nearly the stewards of it. i want to thank the opportunity to thank some of the people and the institution who came together to bring this project to fruition and first and foremost leader nancy pelosi. hundreds of construction jobs
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and dozens of permanent jobs came about because of the stimulus funds in this project. this would not have happened without that and we want to express our gratitude to our great leader. the california tax committee and it's great leader, bill is here, stand up, bill. please. [ applause ] >> bill is a great public servant. a number of other groups really were critical to the $95 million we needed to generate to renovate this building. the department of housing and community development, the mental house
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services division and especially that california housing agency. the federal home loan bank through its federal housing program administered and brought to us by silicone valley bank. and the coordination of supportive housing was special supporters. i want to thank jonathan. [ applause ] . those corporations for supportive housing were social and innovation fund grants and put that together nationwide with one of four projects across the country to be awarded funding through the social conservation fund. thank you jonathan. we have a very special partner, the marry's office is part of every single project that cbc undertakes and in this case the san francisco department of public health is
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a crucial key part of the project and they will be providing projects for 15 years and beyond. barbara garcia, are you here? thank you barbara. and i would like to thank one very special person. anyone involved in the project knows what who this is? mark, where are you? [ applause ] i think it was 7 years ago that mark conceived this vision and it really was a vision and he offered leadership for most of the last 7 years solving hundreds of thousands of problems in order to lead the way. so thank you, martin. this community asset exemplifies 3
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areas. it was built in 1910 and we have restored it. it helps make explicit the link between homelessness and shows that housing variable income people is not nearly humane and dignified. it's smart public policy. it is less expensive to keep people housed than to allow them to remain homeless. this is one social problem we actually know how to solve and all it requires is a will to do it, supportive housing work. with that. thank you. [ applause ] thank you. it's my pleasure to introduce the mayor of